Project Global: Ground

This exploration of our current day metropolitan condition as a system of systems deals with the crust of the Earth as a primary carrying capacitor of human activities, from the extraction of resources deep within the ground, to agricultural operations that barely scratch the surface.

Part 1: Lexicon

Part 2: Atlas

Part 3: Architectural Projects

Part 1: Lexicon index

︎ Formation

    ︎ Kaapvaal Craton
    ︎ Johannesburg Dome
    ︎ Vredefort Dome
    ︎ Topsoil
    ︎ Müggelsee

︎ Measurement    ︎ Schwerbelastungskörper
    ︎ Mining Earthquakes
    ︎ Low-tech Soil Testing
    ︎ Soil Texture Triangle
    ︎ Geologic Time Scale 
    ︎ Stratigraphic Colum
    ︎ Geographic Information System
    ︎ Ecotone
    ︎ Cultural Landscape

︎ Prototype
    ︎ Unter den Linden
    ︎ Zoological Landscape
    ︎ Counterculture
    ︎ Cultural Agency
    ︎ Mine-pit Lakes
    ︎ Parliament of Things

︎ Land distribution
    ︎ 1913 Natives Land Act
    ︎ District Six
    ︎ Eavesdropping
    ︎ Reconciliation Policy
    ︎ Land Grabbing
    ︎ Land Acting
    ︎ The Red Ants
    ︎ #PutSouthAfricansFirst
    ︎ Suburban Enclaves
    ︎ Parallel State

︎ Extraction
    ︎ Cullinan Diamond Mine
    ︎ Platinum Group Metals
    ︎ Zamazamas
    ︎ Gold Rush Inertia
    ︎ Sinkhole
    ︎ Maize Doctor
    ︎ Coal Hands

︎ Infrastructure
    ︎ Gautrain
    ︎ Le-guba
    ︎ Lesotho Water Project
    ︎ Deutscher Wald
    ︎ Arrival City

︎ Production
    ︎ Safari Economy
    ︎ Agritourism
    ︎ Rainfall Line
    ︎ Upington Airport
    ︎ Tiergarten Transformation
    ︎ Pivot Irrigation
    ︎ Allotment Garden
    ︎ Bokoni Terracing
    ︎ Johannesburg Forestation
    ︎ Game Farming Cycle

︎ Waste
    ︎ Trümmerberg
    ︎ Fab-Soil
    ︎ Mining Waste Belt
    ︎ Sanitary Landfilling
    ︎ Soil Structure
    ︎ Biogas Technology

︎ Pollution
    ︎ Dry Stacked Tailings
    ︎ Water Pollution
    ︎ Soil Pollution
    ︎ Uranium Sandstorms
    ︎ Poaching

︎ Remediation
    ︎ European Green Belt
    ︎ Conservation Agriculture
    ︎ Airfield Urbanism
    ︎ Solar Park
    ︎ Gold Reef City
    ︎ Mine Pit Lake
    ︎ Loess Plateau
    ︎ Erosion Control


“ ⁠Hi, my name is Evita and I'm a racist Evita Bezuidenhout. ”

Located at the northern outskirts of Pretoria, Bapetikowesti was one of the South African Bantustans,1 where Blacks were relocated during the policies of apartheid. The Bapetikowesti ambassador to South Africa, Evita Bezuidenhout, a white Afrikaner, was first a loyal follower of the National Party—the party that established apartheid—and then a member of the African National Congress—the party that reunited white and black Africa—and then finally, a social activist against racial policies.2 However, neither Evita, nor the Bapetikowesti Bantustan, are real. In fact, both are products of Pieter-Dirk Uys, a South African satirist and performer, who created the character of Evita Bezuidenhout in the late seventies, to criticize and expose the absurdity of the South African government's racial policies.3
        Despite being a fictional creation, Evita Bezuidenhout remains one of the most beloved White women in South Africa. Her cooking abilities and eavesdropping in political affairs were key to bringing unity in the country. Her role as ambassador of Bapetikowesti was crucial for the televised dissemination of the injustices caused by the policies of apartheid and the Bantustan system.

Image source:  Hi, my name is Evita and I'm a racist Evita Bezuidenhout. March 4th 2016.

1.  The term Bantustan makes reference to the ten former territories created during the Apartheid designated for the country’s Black African population, these territories became an administrative device for the exclusion of Blacks from the South African political system.
2.  About Tannie Evita, The most famous white woman in South Africa. Accessed March 6th 2022., Carol. Mandela's love for humor was on full display when he sat for an interview with 'Evita. December 13th 2013.
3.  Pieter-Dirk Uys. Accessed March 6th 2022., De Bruyn Pipa. The tale of Sun City, a slice of Vegas forged in the fires of apartheid South Africa. January 26th 2019.