New Forms of Settlements


This cluster of contributions focuses on the use of prototypical models that can be applied to several areas in the surroundings of Johannesburg. From the process of cleaning the water and recycling to the cultivation of the land, the aim of these contributions is to revive the peri-urban areas by combining activities and processes involving municipalities and local communities.
        The principles implemented in each contribution are schemes that can be applied in any site with small adaptations and produce a positive result that will impact the total of the region. These schemes will be sets of actions that provide a base to develop the areas into active self-efficient centers that empower people to gain expertise in new sectors.
        The involvement of the locals in the contributions through cultivation, recycling and water processing, enhances the relationship between people and land. The empowerment of the community and the feeling of actively being part of the area’s remediation, adds another level to the value of the schemes.