Symbiotic Infrastructure


The following contributions evaluate the industrial and cultural landscapes in Johannesburg to speculate a program that simultaneously takes advantage of its inherent infrastructure network and land to create new production landscapes. The existing infrastructure operates with a singular program that satisfies the present demands of its immediate context. The intent is to challenge the significance of its current mono functionality by proposing to transform it into a multi-layered system that can proliferate within similar site conditions throughout the city. The new system is projected to address the larger issues of industrial pollution, food production and diminishing biodiversity that Johannesburg faces.
        The power lines that run through the industrial areas create under-utilized buffer zones which are proposed to be reinterpreted as a new utilitarian and recreational space.
        Golf courses have contributed to increasing social polarization and environmental injustice in Johannesburg. The project proposes to transform golf courses into productive land in service of its local communities.
        The cultural landscape of cemeteries with their secure but singular function are envisioned as the new botanical centers that contribute to the city's ecological footprint.