Urban Farm in Housing

Thomas Moepo street

By installing the shelf structure in housing, neighbors can farm and harvest their own crops. Farming is not limited to the urban farm area, but by bringing it directly to their homes and growing it, it can be done without restrictions in time and space. The chain ofthe product does not end in a transaction held in Informal Urban Farmers Market, but extends to individual homes, and the chain continues.
        Neighbors can choose between Wall type , Window type, and Pavilion type according to their housing and exterior space. If the space is limited and narrow the neighbor can use a type that canbe attached to the window. When installed on the ground floor, it is easy to manage, give privacy, and block direct sunlight to maintain indoor temperature in summer.


Sanne van den Breemer
Filip Geerts
Ilmar Hurkxkens

Director of Studies

Salomon Frausto


Nigel Alarcon(MX), Pooja Bhave(IN), Mariano Cuofano(IT), Fabiola Cruz(PE), Alonso Díaz(MX), Xiaoyu Ding(CN), Ines Garcia‑Lezana(ES), Sandra Garcia(ES), Martino Greco(IT), Sebastian Hitchcock(ZA), Alejandra Huesca(MX), Yesah Hwangbo(KR), Takuma Johnson(US), Yi-Ni Lin(TW), Paola Tovar(MX), Cristhy Mattos(BR), Preradon Pimpakan(TH), Adi Samet(IL), Raymond Tang(US), Kulaporn Temudom(TH), Danai Tsigkanou(GR), Jesse Verdoes(NL), Rongting Xiao(CN)