Powerlines That Clean

Alrode, Johannesburg

What if the energy of the power lines could create new landscapes and uses? The aim of the project is to update Alrode Industrial Park by reinterpreting the empty buffer zones created by power lines and electric substations as a new utilitarian and recreational space. Manufacturing operations of the industries, its releases of heavy metals and oily wastes, have brought an apparently invisible problem that is poisoning the soil: storm water pollution. The difference of elevation in the terrain is used to propose a longitudinal Stormwater Park, a water treatment plant that cleans the polluted water before entering the wetlands that surround the township of Tokhoza.


Sanne van den Breemer
Filip Geerts
Ilmar Hurkxkens

Director of Studies

Salomon Frausto


Nigel Alarcon(MX), Pooja Bhave(IN), Mariano Cuofano(IT), Fabiola Cruz(PE), Alonso Díaz(MX), Xiaoyu Ding(CN), Ines Garcia‑Lezana(ES), Sandra Garcia(ES), Martino Greco(IT), Sebastian Hitchcock(ZA), Alejandra Huesca(MX), Yesah Hwangbo(KR), Takuma Johnson(US), Yi-Ni Lin(TW), Paola Tovar(MX), Cristhy Mattos(BR), Preradon Pimpakan(TH), Adi Samet(IL), Raymond Tang(US), Kulaporn Temudom(TH), Danai Tsigkanou(GR), Jesse Verdoes(NL), Rongting Xiao(CN)