Post Thinkbelt

Coalfields usually have a close connection with thermal power stations, between two of the major infrastructures there is a systematic transportation network. 80% of power stations in South Africa are coal-fired and most of them will be retired in the following 50 years. The project aims to propose after the retirement of these power plants, how can these industry landscapes benefit within the township by transportation network such as conveyor belt, road, and rail system. The belt will construct a big campus that can educate the pre-coal mining workers and supply them with job opportunities. At the same time building the public space through the belt to increase the social value and community identity of these areas.


Sanne van den Breemer
Filip Geerts
Ilmar Hurkxkens

Director of Studies

Salomon Frausto


Nigel Alarcon(MX), Pooja Bhave(IN), Mariano Cuofano(IT), Fabiola Cruz(PE), Alonso Díaz(MX), Xiaoyu Ding(CN), Ines Garcia‑Lezana(ES), Sandra Garcia(ES), Martino Greco(IT), Sebastian Hitchcock(ZA), Alejandra Huesca(MX), Yesah Hwangbo(KR), Takuma Johnson(US), Yi-Ni Lin(TW), Paola Tovar(MX), Cristhy Mattos(BR), Preradon Pimpakan(TH), Adi Samet(IL), Raymond Tang(US), Kulaporn Temudom(TH), Danai Tsigkanou(GR), Jesse Verdoes(NL), Rongting Xiao(CN)