Parliament of Things

Hollow body the tailings. A sublime 80m wide sphere located in the heart of a tailing, inspired by Cenotaph for Isaac Newton of Étienne-Louis Boullée, becomes a gathering space where ground "autopoiesis" can be translated into human language and applied to democratic principles. A post-human-architecture hidden into the iconic artefact of South African landscape alteration, a tailing, this building – Quoting Rosi Braidotti – offers the opportunity “acknowledge that subjectivity is not the exclusive prerogative of Anthropos [...] that matter is intelligent and self-organizing (autopoiesis); that the subject is not unitary but nomadic; and that subjectivity includes relations to a multitude of non-human ‘others. In this framework ‘life’ is not only defined as bias but also as a zoe-centred, non-human process”

From “Posthuman Critical Theory” (Rosi Braidotti 2018, p. 339 -340)


Sanne van den Breemer
Filip Geerts
Ilmar Hurkxkens

Director of Studies

Salomon Frausto


Nigel Alarcon(MX), Pooja Bhave(IN), Mariano Cuofano(IT), Fabiola Cruz(PE), Alonso Díaz(MX), Xiaoyu Ding(CN), Ines Garcia‑Lezana(ES), Sandra Garcia(ES), Martino Greco(IT), Sebastian Hitchcock(ZA), Alejandra Huesca(MX), Yesah Hwangbo(KR), Takuma Johnson(US), Yi-Ni Lin(TW), Paola Tovar(MX), Cristhy Mattos(BR), Preradon Pimpakan(TH), Adi Samet(IL), Raymond Tang(US), Kulaporn Temudom(TH), Danai Tsigkanou(GR), Jesse Verdoes(NL), Rongting Xiao(CN)