Veolia Mexico

Veolia is the world's largest diversified utility supplier of water services. The company designs, constructs and maintains delivery models for drinking water or wastewater treatment plants as well as providing water treatment equipment. Veolia offers services that cover a wide aspect for various processes of water treatment facilities. For the private sector, it operates by working with key decision makers for a pragmatic metric for long term business decisions that integrate sustainability issues with water use and in an effective monetary manner.

Originally named Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE), the French company was established on December 14, 1853 by imperial decree. In 1860, the company was awarded a 50-year concession to supply water to Paris. In 1880, CGE signed their first international agreement to acquire water treatment production and distribution rights in Venice. The company then followed with the city of Constantinople in 1882 and the city of Porto in 1883.  In 2004, Veolia acquired a 100% stake in the Latin American assets of Proactiva Active, which was previously a joint venture with Fomento de Constucciones y Contratas (FCC).

With the Mexican state’s shrinking capacity to manage the water system and failure to improve water allocation, accessibility and efficiency, the government in 1993 allowed private sector organizations to assume the responsibility. Privatization has in some cases, worsened the already unequal access to water. Veolia currently serves 1 million Mexican inhabitants and employees 550 people in their Mexico City facility.

The company has business operations in 25 Mexican cities providing Mobile Water Services. This type of service offers 24 hours, 7 days per week, rentals of their trailers for water treatment needs. The services can include clarification, degassing, deionization, filtration, reverse osmosis, seawater desalination, softening, and ultrafiltration. The pre-packaged systems available are modular and made with an easy “plug-and-play” set up. The Mobile Water Services are designed for emergency situations where an existing plant has failed in a specific operation, planned commissioning, renovation, or maintenance projects in meeting its continuous longer-term water supply.  Veolia can extract water from depths more than 300 meters in Mexico to access drinking water for their required equipment.  

Veolia mobile water services.

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