Just after the second war and occupation of Berlin and Vienna the question of navigation control of Danube was one of the important aspects for political forces between capitalist and sovet countries.

In 1948 the first Convention regarding the regime of navigation on the Danube was signed in Belgrade with the Soviet Union main political clout in the beginning. All parties of this commission are continuing to participate in regulation and navigation administrative work. However the EU introduced the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) for political cooperation that involved another list of countries on the basis of European Commision .Also Pro Danube International platform for private businesses and Danube River Protection Convention (ICPDR) for ecological  sustainability improvement and finally  the Danube Transnational Program (Interreg) for political cooperation were introduced as new strategies and policies for Danou Region.

The case of Danube region is interesting from the point of international access to the one water basin of Danube river, that due to the small rivers and water streams expand much on much wide areas. The historical subdivision of countries of the Danube region was obviously not according to nature water basin, that makes any kind of  improvement, natural and administrative control a complex task for international organization and cooperation.

DANTE (Improving Administrative Procedures and Processes for Danube) is the platform that was funded for coopitation of several units and commissions working on the Danube region, mainly to start the cooperation work of DC and EC. Besides the cooperation aim for several thematic areas, another important goal of the program is to involve private business and simplify their work in such an international bureaucratic system.

The platform operates through the working group and experts meetings. The administrative documents of legalization and insurance their work are reports and “Danube IWT Administration Strategy and Action Plan” that are elaborated together  by EC and DC. As DANTE platform is based on Danube Transnational Programme (Interreg), that is narrow strategy of EU Strategy, all decisions and partnerships are going under control of European Commission as well as the main investments are coming from EU1:
  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (€ 202,095,405 )
  • Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance II (IPA II) (€ 19,829,192)
  • European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) (€ 10,000,000)

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DANTE final event in Budapest on 29th May 2019, published on websites of different parties.

  • http://www.interreg-danube.eu/news-and-events/project-news/email/488