The second incarnation of the Project Global triptych investigates the water cycle—relevant as both input and output for the metropolitan metabolism. The thematic spans in terms of scale and lens: from geopolitical aspects to the individual human body, seeking to explore water as a crucial factor in the design of the built environment. Vienna served as an exemplar of a modern planned metropolis, related to water infrastructure and regulations. Mexico City, a city flooding and at the same time running out of water, formed the ground for interrogation.


Bento is a traditional meal box in Japan, which people bring with them in order to have it as lunch or dinner. Inside bento, many kinds of food are prepared in it. From the perspective of examining bento in detail, all these delicious dishes demonstrate the food system in Japan, which could be briefly separated into four phases: source of foods, distribution, manufacturing, and consumption.



The “pushing the red button” gesture has a performative meaning, as it causes the irremediability of its consequences. The performance initially takes place in the control room, where from a switchboard panel the operator manages parameter, such as the reactive power, active power, synchronism, current and tension, related to the dam performances.



As a cinematic subgenre of science fiction, Cyberpunk merges High-tech and Low-life in a dystopian landscape of the near future with recurrent themes such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics, portrayed in an atmosphere of radical social changes.



In the middle of the Shuto expressway, just above the Nihonbashi Bridge there is a structure holding a single old street lamp. Shortly before the 1964 Olympics an express way was built over the Nihonbashi Bridge obscuring the classic view of mount Fuji from it.



Gas stations and petrol pumps form the nodal points where the fuel after completing its long journey finally reaches the consumption zone. The physical act of filling the vehicle is quite determinant in its realization and is the first visible sign of fuel in a metropolis.