Control Room 4.0

In the control room there is access to the monitoring of the 3,000 kilometers of the municipal water supply infrastructure with the plants and power stations. All parameters can be modified and changed through computerized technology with all necessary technical equipment on different points of the Vienna water and sewer networks.

This technical improvement and upgrade was done according to Water 4.0 strategy. One of the main control parameters is water pollution. The implementation of Water 4.0 technology helps to divide different sewer and storm water flows to optimise the work of sewage treatment plants and the level of drainage.1 

The control is implemented with Siemens technology Sinaut ST-7 telecontrol system and the proven Simatic S7-300 controls, the Scada system WinCC OA.2  Kilometers of data cables connects sub-centers in one system, kind of the nervous system of the city that gives and transmit  impulses.

The soft support is provided by European Digital Services EDS 4.0 GmbH. It  is a private company in Germany that cooperate with municipalities of different cities, espatial Vienna by supplying the technology "Gemeindepaket". They link all urban services through the one date-base platform that digitise and then simplify and optimize administrative tasks and resources.

The concept of Smart City is the integration work and control of different kinds of city infrastructures in real time with possible future prediction and adaptation to changing needs. According to the global smart city index, Singapore, Helsinki and Zurich are the top cities in economical and technological data.3 The importance of optimization of city infrastructures was shown during the Covid-19 era, quick response in extreme situations helps to overcome the economic crisis.

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Chernobyl controlroom, Randstad control  room for gas and electricity, Nasa control room, Control room of water infrastructure of Vienna under the Water 4.0 strategy