Seeking to explore power as crucial factor in the design of the built environment, we will look at energy systems and related objects, from sites of generation to spaces of consumption, from distribution networks to control rooms.

Tutors: Filip Geerts and Sanne van den Breemer
Director of Studies: Salomon Frausto

Contributors: Santiago Ardila, Juan Benavides, Daniella Camarena, Stef Dingen, Marco Fusco, Jack Garay Arauzo, Theodora Gelali, Shaiwanti Gupta, Hao Hsu, Marianthi Papangelopoulou, Felipe Quintero, Gent Shehu, Siyuan Wang


Waste Truck Scale, Platform, Waste Bunker, Waste Crane, Forced Draft Fan, Incinerator, Boiler, Cooling Tower, Bag Filter, Gas Scrubber, Catalyst Reaction Tower, Induced Draft Fan, Stack, Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Central Control Room. [1] The cycle of the consummation system faces the same fatal fate, yet it seems that with each end of a cycle, it gains more and more power.