Seeking to explore power as crucial factor in the design of the built environment, we will look at energy systems and related objects, from sites of generation to spaces of consumption, from distribution networks to control rooms.

Tutors: Filip Geerts and Sanne van den Breemer
Director of Studies: Salomon Frausto

Contributors: Santiago Ardila, Juan Benavides, Daniella Camarena, Stef Dingen, Marco Fusco, Jack Garay Arauzo, Theodora Gelali, Shaiwanti Gupta, Hao Hsu, Marianthi Papangelopoulou, Felipe Quintero, Gent Shehu, Siyuan Wang


Outside the Tsukiji market, there are many sushi restaurants. You will experience the most authentic sushi dining experience there: guests sit around the bar and eat, the sushi chef makes sushi inside the bar. Generally, it is full of beauty, and the sushi is presented to the guests after making it. The fresh raw materials needed for sushi are placed on the bar, and guests can make requests to the sushi master according to their preferences. The sushi dining experience can be summarized as the freshest ingredients plus the most beautiful cooking show.